Our Mission

is to provide evidence-based, practical, understandable, holistic health education and promotion processes through which people at-risk or diagnosed with a chronic disease can gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to modify behaviors and successfully self-manage or prevent chronic disease and related complications.

Our Values

Mumford and Associates, LLC is rooted in faith and the belief that health is as unique as the individual.  Our health educators have vowed to stay true to our core values. 

Patient-Centered, Evidence-Based, Collaborative, Innovative, and  Conscious 


Our Methods

Mumford and Associates, LLC strives to promote behavior changes that improve or prevent clinical outcomes.  We utilize the principles and practices of health education and promotion to guide our clients through the following processes:

Assessment, Goal-Setting, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Documentation

    Our Goals

    Mumford and Associates, LLC strives to improve population health through individual, group, and community based health education and promotion.  Our overarching goals are:

    Empower others to take control of their health utilizing evidence-based resources;

    Reduce chronic disease by educating the diagnosed and those at risk of a diagnosis; and

     Improve population health by serving communities, groups, and individuals.  

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