As women of color, we are accustomed to taking care of “business,” without taking into consideration our own personal wellness.  Our daily schedule consists of running here and there, taking care of others, and everything else in between.  Public health directives, such as curfews and physical distancing have limited our “busyness”, forcing us to surrender our cape.  This lack of structure and feelings of uncertainty may lead to increased anxiety, but it does not have to.  Although the cape is no longer flying free, the magic is still there.  It is important that we remain Committed to Achieving Personal/Professional Excellence with a little extra attention to self-care. 

Join Quinyatta Mumford and Bianca Johnson, DrPH students at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science for a Break and Breathe this Saturday at 10 am as we get real about COVID-19 related issues, including anxiety, worry, and fear.  To join the conversation simply click here.   In the meantime, if you need to speak with someone SAMHSA has set up a Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990.    









Quinyatta Mumford and Dr. Tionna Jenkins have collaborated to bring you 10 recommendations for maintaining during this ever-changing public health crisis.  Mumford and Jenkins are public health practitioners dedicated to ensuring women of color thrive during this season of chaos and fear.  

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