Patient Health Education

We provide in-office health education and promotion to influence patient adherence, address patient concerns and foster behavior changes that improve clinical outcomes. 

Workplace Health Education

We provide American Red Cross training classes in Pediatric and Adult First Aid, CPR and AED, as well as Babysitting Training. Our classes are available for individuals, organizations and corporations seeking to gain or renew their American Red Cross certifications. 

Community Health Education

We provide public health consulting in program development, data collection and analysis, skill building and community engagement. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs. 

Now That You Have Time to Surrender Your Cape: Surviving the Mental Strains of COVID-19

As women of color, we are accustomed to taking care of “business,” without taking into consideration our own personal wellness.  Our daily schedule consists of running here and there, taking care of others, and everything else in between.  Public health directives,...